Master's Thesis Christoph Hornig

  Master's Thesis Hornig Copyright: EBC Funnel method for ensuring the comparability of control strategies

This thesis introduces a parameter-based methodology for the evaluation of control strategies, ensuring comparability between different control strategies by introducing a funnel.
First of all, the energy characteristics which are important for this master thesis are presented. Then, fundamental knowledge in data collection as well as control strategies are described before presenting in
uences on control strategies.
After introducing a system of parameters, a presentation of various characteristic control strategy parameters follows, which allows an application on different system levels.
These can be used for the evaluation of control strategies and the comparison of different control strategies. The introduced funnel method is applied on climatic impact factors and is presented by utilizing the outside temperature.
The requirements of comparability are achieved through the consideration of thermal masses. The implementation of the parameter-based evaluation method for control strategies is realized by using the Python programming language.
The chosen object-oriented programming approach is useful for the transferability to other energy systems. The functionality and applicability of the tool is tested for the years 2013 and 2015 with respectively different control strategies in the main building of the E.ON Energy Research Center.
The parameter-based evaluation of the control strategies is applied on the levels „energy collectors“, „energy conversion“, „energy storage“ and „energy distribution“.