Master's Thesis Markus Nürenberg


Development and commissioning of the measurement-, control- and data management functions for a hardware-in-the-loop test bench

This present thesis describes the development process of a control software for a Hardware-in-the-
Loop (HiL) test bed. Although the necessary installation work is part of this master thesis, the main
focus lays on the implementation of the control software and a graphical user interface. By only setting
the temperature, humidity and flow rate of the camber air, the test bed shall be able to regulate
the conditions automatically. Therefore concepts and structures are developed and its implementation
is descriebed. Also methodes to store the measured data for further analysis are shown. To
meet upcoming challenges and demands the software is able to adapt and connect to third party
software, some solutions are presented. Finally the developed software is tested and evaluated by
preforming several 24 hour tests.