Masterarbeit Jiao Guo


Design und Implementierung einer automatischen Jalousiesteuerung am E.ON ERC Hauptgebäude

Numerous previous literature have shown that indoor lighting quality is a large influence on visual comfort which can affect the people’s health, moods and task performance. According to a field survey conducted at the main building of E.ON ERC (Energy Research Center) during July 25, 2018 and August 8, 2018, people rarely changed the blind state during the survey and the blind closed time were dependent on the orientation of facade. In order to find a model to estimate indoor conditions based on the local outdoor weather station, we conducted a field test measuring illuminance and solar radiation indoors and comparing this to modelled resuls, based on the weather data.

After drawing a comparison between different control strategies, design for an automatically controlled blind based on solar geometry and radiation intensity was proposed which could enable to bring in more daylight while minimizing glare and overheating. In addition, based on the hysteresis phenomenon, certain parameters such as blind position, slat angle and interval time of the blind control system were adjusted so as to further facilitate the user and prevent any disturbance.

Furthermore, aweb-based interface by using PythonDjango environment and PostgreSQL database has been programmed to enable occupants to interact with and overwrite decisions of the automatic blind control. Moreover, the collected manual interactions of occupants and their feedbacks can help in improving the design and specifications of the automatic blind control system in the future.