Bachelor's thesis Abdul Masalkhi


Development of a test laboratory for dynamic investigations of heat pump heating systems with flammable refrigerants

Within the scope of this work, aHardware-in-the-Loop testbench will be developed at the Institute for Energy Efficient Buildings and Indoor Climate (EBC) of the E. ON ERC, which can be used for the evaluation of heat pumps with flammable refrigerants. The heat pumps will operate with propane as refrigerant.Moreover one of the hall parts of the E.ON EBC will serve as installation site for the test bench. The test bench consists of a climatic chamber, a hydraulic system, a monitoring system, and a storage floor.With this test bench itwill be possible to evaluate both heat pumps that draw their heat output from the ambient air (AW), as well as those, that use a hydraulic systemfor their heat output (WW). When operating AW heat pumps, different weather conditions can be dynamically emulated by the climatic chamber.

The operation of heat pumps with flammable refrigerants inside of the experimental hall is enabled through implementing comprehensive safety precautions, that contribute to the safety of person and property. The concept of this test bench relies on instructions and specifications by standards and technical regulations. In this work, different risks of workingwith compressed flammable gases are shown and requirements are formulated, that enable safe working.