Bachelor's thesis Bastian Gauch


Developing a simulation-based benchmarking for room climate control strategies

rating Copyright: EBC

In this bachelor thesis a benchmark for the assessment of air conditioning control strategies is presented in order to obtain an objective tool for the evaluation of control strategies. Current projects on control development use many different test systems, making it difficult to compare the individual control strategies against each other. A general test system that meets all the criteria of an objective benchmark is not yet known. The aim of this work is the development of such a benchmark. For this purpose, a benchmark model is developed, which includes a building model and an associated energy model. Furthermore, internal and external influences are modeled realistically. The model is designed so that control strategies have the opportunity to implement divergent approaches, through different components of the energy system. Thus, potentials of regulatory strategies can be demonstrated. The simulation time for the model together with a control strategy is set so that a benchmark result is possible within less than three hours. The benchmark model is implemented in theModelica modeling language. To check the functionality, the benchmark is applied to three different control strategies. The developed model offers the possibility to give reproducible quantitative assessments of the performance of the tested control strategies.