Bachelor's thesis Vincenz Regener


Optimized operation of the cooling circuit for 5MW battery storage system

Objective of this thesis is the optimized operation of a cooling circuit within a 5MW storage system
based on simulation results. The M5BAT hybrid battery storage is a joint venture of the E.ON
Energy Research Center, the Chair and Institute of Power Systems and Power Economics at RWTHAachen
and several industrial partners. Facing increasing volatility in the electrical grid due to the
“Energiewende”, this project is supposed to ensure power stability and facilitate an energy supply
based mainly on renewable sources. To guarantee optimal operating temperature for different
battery types, a cooling system has been installed whose settings will be further investigated in
this thesis. Incorporating the methods of design of experiments, we conducted a sequence of experiments
to simulate the cooling system at different operating points. Continuous metamodels
were derived from the collected data in order to quantify the effect of all parameters on several
response variables and further allow gradient-based optimization methods. Response variables
include Energy consumption of the facility as well as control precision and estimated lifespan.
After weighing these target dimensions, the metamodels are the utilized to create a scalar evaluation
function whose extremes represent optimal operating points. Combined with a hierarchical
approach to split the model into more compact subsystems, the method provides an optimized
configuration of the parameter setting.