Bachelor's thesis Larissa Kühn


Integration of Building Simulation Models in a Cloud-Framework for Energy Services

Bachelor's thesis Kühn Copyright: EBC Cloud-Framework

The German Energy Transition aims, besides converting the energy system to renewable energies, to reduce energy consumption in general. Especially the building sector offers a large potential to safe energy, which is about 40 percent of all energy consumptions. With increasing demands for energy efficiency in existing buildings, users need to get a better understanding of their private energy system.

Dynamic simulation models can improve this understanding. The use of these models in combination with data analyses and energy services in a cloud system provide a scalable basis for that.

In this thesis building simulation models with cohesive energy systems should be integrated into the cloud framework in order to make energy services, such as room heat forecasts, possible.

Therefore basic models (Modelica) are going to be built, tested and exported to the cloud framkework as an FMU. The model parameterization will be done with cloud databases, such as the 3D City DB(statistical data, such as geometric data, building year, etc.) and INFLUX(dynamic data).