Bachelor's thesis Patrick Lünendonk


Improvement of the process from the tendering procedure to the operation of technical building equipment

The focus of this thesis lies in the examination of the improvement of the planning process from the tendering procedure to the operation of technical building equipment. Therefore the actual state in the form of traditional planning process is explained and compared with the target state, the integral planning approach.

A thorough literature research and conducted expert interviews reveal the weaknesses of both approaches. In this context, possibilities for improving the process are explained. Probably the most promising approach for process improvement is the Integral Planning Methodology, also known as Building Information Modeling. This methodology represents a fully digitalized process flow and free exchange of data between all project participants.

By examining the possibility of introducing Building Information Modeling in Germany, existing problems are analyzed and potentials for process optimization are identified. Therefore the question is, whether the identified problems can be solved by use of integral planning approaches.

Furthermore, possibilities provided by the digitization of the construction industry, especially within the field of technical building equipment, are discussed. Besides personal reservations of the project participants, many legal requirements and regulations and an increasingly complex and networked technical building equipment play an important role in the emergence of errors in the planning process.