Bachelor's thesis Nils Jagodzinski


Conceptual design of an experimental setup for the investigation of different de-icing methods for chillers

If air cooler are used in an enviroment with high humidity and temperatures close to zero Celsius
frost can be seen at the fin tubs of the fin tube heat exchancer. This leads to a loss of power oft the
aircooler, which means that the fin tube heat exchanger needs to be exempted of frost through a
defrosting process.
This thesis presents an observation and measurement concept for frost formation and the defrost
process for a plate-fin heat exchanger of an air cooler. Therefor five conceptes were elaborated,
which are compared to eachother. To determine the mass of water, which drops out above the fin
tube heat exchanger during the processes, balnces are placed around the test bench and its components.
Measurements and calculations are determined to calculate the waterflow. After all a analysis
of error clears which Balance and which proccess is used. Furthermore an Excel Tool is developed
to export the stream of volume and performance linked of the error analysis.