Bachelor's thesis Simon Zillekens


*** Auswirkung fehlerhafter Annahmen der Wärmeleitfähigkeit von Baumaterialien bei der Ermittlung des Energieeinsparpotentials von energetischen Sanierungsmaßnahmen für Bestandswohngebäude ***

In order to achieve a climate-neutral building stock more energy has to be saved, be that
heating, cooling, venting or even lighting. According to a forecast study, the costs of the energetic
restoration exceed the savings quite clearly. Also gathered from the study, the additional
financial expenses for the new built houses are not profitable anymore.
In the course of the research project “Integrales Quartiers-Energiekonzept Karlsruhe-
Rintheim” the question of which reorganisation measures entails which savings is resolved.
Three buildings, which have different combinations in terms of the structural-physical and
the plant-specific components, were energetically reorganized. For examination of the
achieved energy savings the three building were equipped with extensive measurement and
testing instrumentation to guarantee a detailed analysis.
On the basis of calculations is examined what consequences brings an erroneous assumption
of the thermal conductivity of the materials (e.g. brickwork or windows) used in terms of
energy savings with it. It was found in the "International Journal of Thermal Sciences" in a
ring compared to the year 2011 that when measuring the thermal conductivity of insulation
material inaccuracy of 3.5 % to 7.0 % was measured.
These deviation calculations are examined and clarified to what extent has an inaccuracy
margin of this size effect on energy consumption. Special attention is paid to the legally demanded
operands transmission heat loss and primary energy requirement. Necessary for the
analysis is a calculation following the guidelines of the EnEV 2014. Afterwards the values of
the heat transfer coefficient are varied. The variation range of the heat transfer coefficient
or the thermal conductivity is learned from the existing measured data and the in-depth literature