Bachelor's thesis Jan Richarz


Conceptual design of a generic test bench for investigation of indoor climate in vehicle cabins

This research deals with the conceptual design of a generic test bench in the shape of a vehicle
cabin for investigations of the indoor climate in vehicles. Due to rising energy costs and car registrations
as well as higher requirements for the comfort of the vehicle cabin the HVAC system has to be
improved. Studies can be done in test benchs. In the beginning, results of former investigations are
presented and are followed by the development of a generic geometry that, concerning dimensions,
meets liabilities to 64 per cent of the German car registrations. By following German and international
standards and laws of heat transfer, parameters for tempering the surface, the ventilation and
conditioning the supply air were defined. Thereby the influence of the ambient temperature as well
as the use of surface heating or surface cooling in a vehicle cabin can be represented. On this basis
and by trials with test persons the thermal comfort in a car can be researched. A theoretical comparison
of different possibilities in the space of these thermal boundary conditions concludes in
a combination of capillary tube mats with capillary tubes for tempering the surface. These components
are fed by district cooling. Testing them by shooting thermal images and measuring the
surface temperature shows the practicability of this alternative. The construction of this test bench
consists mainly of aluminium profiles. Surfaces in combination with the tempering components
and insulation are fastened by these profiles. Because of being a modular designed test bench these
surfaces can be substituted and different ventilation scenarios can be represented.Out of the detailled
CADmodel thatwas developed, engineering drawings can be extracted. This model corresponds
completely to the generic geometry developed in the beginning.