Bachelor's thesis Paul Werner Ernst Dietrich Thiele


Optimized design of chillers for buildings with high dynamic loads examplified by a 5MW battery storage system

M5BAT is a joint project of two institutes of the RWTH Aachen University – the E.ON Energy Research
Center and the ”Institut für Elektrische Anlagen und Energiewirtschaft” (IAEW). The project
is supported among others by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy of Germany.
M5BAT’s planning and implementation is executed by the industry partners Uniper, Exide Technologies
and SMA. The target of the project is to reduce the volatility of the electricity produced from
renewable energy systems using battery storage systems in order to stabilize the electrical grid. These
storage systems need a cooling system, that will be analysed in this thesis. For this purpose, the
method Design of Experiment with a 2k-full factorial design is chosen to run the needed simulations
in an efficient way. The cause and target variables, which are necessary for this method, are
specified with regard to the optimization of the costs and energy efficiency before running the simulations.
In addition, programs are implemented for a timesaving execution of the simulations.
Finally, the simulation data is analysed with focus on the target variables and a recommendation
for the technical configuration of the system and further proceeding are given.