COVID-Virus Copyright: © EBC

As an institute with substantial expertise in ventilation technology and component development, the EBC makes various contributions to COVID-19 research. We thank all our cooperation partners for the presently crucial and intensive exchange.

With the extensive measurement equipment of the institute and the expertise in programming web applications we were able to support the development of a ventilator and the evaluation of newly developed ventilation devices.

Using simulative studies, we are able to carry out detailed analyses of ventilation technology aspects.

Furthermore, the institute develops models to predict the risk of infection. It should be noted that there will always be a risk of infection in indoor rooms with several people, since the transmission of the virus cannot be excluded without the use of protective clothing that goes beyond a medical face mask in everyday life and is therefore unacceptable for many activities. Since there is currently no sufficiently safe method to predict an absolute aerosol-bound infection risk for any environment, one focus of the investigations is the prediction of the infection risk by virus transmission via aerosol particles in different rooms and operational scenarios compared to a reference environment. The approaches will soon be available as a web application.

More detailed information about relevant activities and publications can be found on the following pages.