NOODEL (33 NOde cOmfort moDEL) is an extended multi-node comfort model. It is composed of a physiological body model that calculates the skin temperature for 16 body segments, divided into a core and skin layer and connected via a central blood node, under specification of the physical boundary conditions of the environment and simplified description of the heat transport processes in the human body. The skin temperatures are input parameters for the psychological comfort model, which determines the local and global thermal sensation as well as the local and global thermal comfort. The model was developed using literature data and own experiments in mixed and displacement ventilation. The test cases represent only a part of interior situations. Validation cases show a good agreement between calculated and experimental data for temperature drifts and temperature jumps in medium temperature levels. For more complex interior situations, no conclusive statement on the quality of the model can be made with the current data sets. However, the model is continuously extended by new experimental data.

The tool is freely accessible at:

The model development was supported by the Heinz Trox Wissenschafts gGmbH. The development of the base model was supported by Airbus Operations GmbH.