EXIST Transfer of Research - Building Data (aedifion GmbH)


Our vision is to enable grid-oriented operations of building automation in the cloud

  Integration Grid

We are confident that sensor data from energy and building systems have the key potential to optimize the operation of such systems, reduce energy consumption, increase user comfort and profitably integrate buildings into the energy system of the future. With the development of applications for optimizing existing building automation, we are devoting ourselves to one of the greatest levers for implementing the energy revolution in the field of building technology.

We enable the advanced handling of data from building systems in order to contribute to their energy-efficient operation. As a basis, we develop standardized data acquisition, storage and provision from building automation systems and then apply process knowledge from research in the form of automated functions to derive information and recommendations for optimizing the systems. We use machine learning and artificial intelligence functions to make this work as simple and efficient as possible for all stakeholders who want to optimize building technology.

Step by step we transfer the entire control environment of buildings into our cloud, to which can be connected to third-party solutions universally. The use of cross-building and cloud-based analysis and control of building automation can decisively support the energy transition by first significantly reducing the primary energy consumption of the systems and then enabling grid-oriented services. In combination with renewable energies and storage technologies, far-reaching grid flexibility can be achieved.

Supported by the EXIST Transfer of Research, we were able to use the results of many years of research in our area to develop market-ready products to implement our vision and to found aedifion GmbH. Here, we occupy especially the interface between energy and information technology and constantly develop our product portfolio. Through EXIST and various research projects in which our solutions are used, we continue to be involved at RWTH.

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