Digital Energy Neighborhoods


Our vision is the implementation of a stable, decarbonized and efficient energy supply in the neighborhood through the integration of information and communication technology.

Our work focuses on researching the interactions between energy and communication systems via networked plants to smart devices. We develop the appropriate digital concepts for complex and heterogeneous energy system structures. These concepts include solutions for diverse system- or operation-relevant as well as user-oriented use cases. Our methodologies include capturing, describing and modeling the physical space of the neighborhood and thus transferring it into virtual space. In doing so, we use digital enablers/technologies such as data platforms, Internet of Things (IoT), BigData, and machine learning, among others.

We validate our approaches through simulations, lab experiments and field tests.

Our solutions include, but are not limited to

  1. ntelligent operation and control and energy management concepts
  2. data models/semantic models
  3. data platforms, IoT, BigData, and machine learning.
  4. trading markets

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