Holistic Building Design and Management

  Holistic Building Design and Management Copyright: EBC

Our vision is a climate-neutral building stock based on a systemic approach.

The interdisciplinary team Holistic Building Design and Management develops conceptual solutions on both building and district level.

Emission targets as well as requests for energy self-sufficiency and sustainability lead to increasingly complex system requirements. Within a holistic assessment, we look at the development of technical solutions as well as at their implementation. Our solutions focus on improved energy performance of existing buildings, the increase of efficiency measures as well as the exploitation of renewable energy. The existing building stock offers extensive potentials for resource and climate protection, which can be unlocked by applying additive systems, combining existing generation systems with new ones as well the interaction of different buildings.

By applying mathematical optimisation, we offer an effective method for maximizing energy and emission savings during the whole lifecycle including the manufacturing of products, use and maintenance, demolition and recycling of materials. Central for successful implementation is the economic feasibility of the derived refurbishment measures and high acceptance among users. User participation during planning, implementation and operation can improve the interaction between humans and technology and contribute to a high user satisfaction.

Our research goals are:

  • The identification of synergies between existing ideas and research approaches
  • The development of sustainable concepts based on these synergies
  • The implementation of these concepts in living labs

Our team combines expertise from mechanical engineering, architecture, civil engineering, economics and social sciences. Moreover, we form project-specific partnerships with other teams and research institutes.