Building Energy Systems

  Building Energy Systems HiL Copyright: EBC

Our Vision is an energy-efficient and grid-supportive energy-supply of buildings.

We investigate how building systems engineering, energy networks and user requirements interact. From this research, we not only develop energy concepts and energy management systems for buildings, we also develop methods to evaluate building energy systems and energy management systems.

In our work we deal with both existing and new buildings and consider both single and multi-family houses as well as non-residential buildings. In addition to energetic, economic aspects and aspects of thermal comfort, we also deal with the question of how buildings can be beneficial to the energy grid, so as to support the integration of more and more renewable energy from volatile sources in the electricity grid. We examine how the components of a building energy system are interacting. This means for example that we study the interactions of a heat generation system with the heat transfer system, the building physics, user and weather conditions as well as control devices.

To investigate these complex issues, we use test benches and dynamic simulations as well as their coupling which we call ​​hardware-in-the-loop. Depending on the requirements of the investigation, different model and hardware components can be coupled. Our control algorithms or energy management systems are tested with these environments.