Building Automation


Our vision is a building stock operated with energy-efficiency, flexibility, and transparency.

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Our team Building Automation wants to show how it is possible to increase beneficial factors such as thermal comfort, indoor air quality, and the efficiency of energy systems within buildings and districts via automation, interconnection, and innovative control approaches—without investment in heat insulation or in exchanging inefficient components.

Furthermore, we want to demonstrate how to integrate the flexibility of buildings in an intelligent manner to support the energy system of the future. Buildings, especially interconnected buildings, offer the opportunity to adapt their electric power consumption to system wide load and supply. Interconnected buildings form an already existing storage, which innovative control approaches just need to make available. In contrast to battery and other storages, investment costs for activation of the building stock are marginal.


To achieve this state, we develop control approaches and strategies, monitoring and evaluation concepts, as well as communication interfaces and innovative system ontologies. Therefore, we gather data, which we store and process either on the cloud or in a fully decentralized, “agent-based” manner. For evaluation purposes, we use exergy-based approaches. Due to increasing interconnectedness of the building stock, topics such as big data and machine learning, object-oriented monitoring and data processing are becoming more and more the focus of our research interests. As a research prospect, we see the junction of online data acquisition and simulation as a basis for augmented building and district operation, which helps to achieve a transparent operation. As services for industry partners, we offer system optimization for complex non-residential buildings and the development of custom-made controls for all building systems.

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We use the whole range of scientific methods, such as literature reviews, theoretical assessments, modeling and simulation, software-in-the-loop and hardware-in-the-loop experiments, building automation test benches, and a fully integrated demonstration district. This district consists of the multifunctional headquarter building of the E.ON ERC research center, a test hall, an almost passive office building, and a second testing hall. The district offers the opportunity to demonstrate system-wide control-based services, e.g. grid services such as demand side management or peak shaving.