Completed Projects



Full title
ELuS Energy saving through air-quality management in school buildings
ValMoNul ValMoNuI: Validation and Modeling of the Occupants‘ Interaction with the Built Environment, and Implementation of Occupants’ Behavior Algorithms into the Building Automation System
School workshops Cooperation with Anne Frank high school in Aachen
ERNST Our Common Future: Energy and Sustainability in Cities

Exergy-based Control Strategies for HVAC Systems

IEBWUMS Dynamic energetic evaluation of heat pump and micro CHP systems: Focus on heat pump systems
EffShop New Energy Concepts for the Shopping Center of the Future
Defrosting methods Analysis of different defrosting methods in air cooling coils
MoSKWa Modification of standard cooling circuits in heat pumps for the optimized integration of several environmental heat sources and the management of the heat source and heat sink
L4G Local4Global – system-of-systems that act locally for optimizing globally

Exergetically optimized operation

Exergetically optimized operation of building heating and cooling system using a dynamic control system and flexible integration of a fully monitored geothermal field


Real Value: Realizing Value from energy markets with small-scale thermal storage

Campus Roadmap

Eneff:Stadt, Eneff:Campus: RoadMap RWTH Aachen, Phase 2
EwWalt Energetic assessment of decentralized facilities for controlled ventilation with alternating operation
EnEff:Luft Energy Efficient Air Conditioning and Ductwork Design for New and Existing Buildings



Completed Projects