SUSTAIN2: Redevelopment of an urban district with an integrated network infrastructure Phase 2


The goal of SUSTAIN Phase 2 is to demonstrate the added value of measurement technology and cloud systems for building owners and operators through a broad field test.

To achieve a better coupling of the electricity and heating sectors, a better understanding of the systems is necessary, which can be achieved through intelligent measurement and control systems. However, it is insufficient to focus on individual households and buildings since higher reduction potentials can only be achieved by taking a holistic view of the electricity and heating sectors at the district level. Municipalities and communities have a pioneering role to play here in promoting energy efficiency and climate protection targets at the local level. A key element in achieving these goals and successfully implementing and evaluating measures is a precise knowledge of the energy consumption behaviour of neighbourhoods and individual buildings within them. Energy consumption measurements are often only available to municipalities at a low temporal resolution (e.g., annual meter readings). Cloud systems in combination with smart metering systems can contribute to a better understanding of the systems and to the identification of the saving potentials. Cloud systems already exist, which offer different solutions for the collection, transmission, and evaluation of metering data. The lack of experience and the resulting financial uncertainties prevent cities and municipalities from investing in cloud systems for the collection and analysis of energy consumption data.

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To achieve the project goals, 25 representative buildings in Bottrop are equipped with various measurement technology as well as cloud systems. The digitization process will be closely monitored and documented. In this way, all steps and the infrastructural requirements for successful digitization will be recorded. By installing different measurement technologies, both the installation effort for different building types and the reliability in operation can be evaluated. By using different cloud systems, the data is collected, stored, and displayed differently. This corresponds to a real use case of a municipality. For data analysis, data visualization, and calculation of key figures, all measurement data is integrated in the scalable, central SUSTAIN cloud and stored long-term. This cloud will be further developed during the project. Further, by harmonizing the data formats, it will be achieved to apply Big Data approaches. This will enable the integration and analysis of further building data without additional effort. Different approaches will be implemented for the energetic added value as well as for the economic efficiency.


Project Information and Partners

Duration: 4 years

Start: 04/2019

End: 06/2023

Sponsor: Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK)

Founding reference number: 03ET1629A

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