Living Roadmap


Duration: 3 years

Start: 01/2016

End: 12/2018

Project partners:

  • Lehrstuhl für Energieeffizientes Bauen (E3D), RWTH Aachen University

Sponsor: BMWi – Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, promotional reference 03ET1352A

  BMWi-Logo Copyright: BMWi

Development of a power supply concept with model-based predictive control based on a Living Roadmap using the example of Forschungszentrum Jülich

For a sustainable energy supply of buildings with heat, cold and electricity, the focus is increasingly shifting from individual buildings to larger properties or town quarters. For IT-supported planning and control of a property, the campus of Forschungszentrum Jülich is mapped as a virtual property. A dynamic Living Roadmap is strived for to calculate and evaluate the developed concepts. This is a model-based system which allows reacting to changes in the framework conditions and to consider them in the calculation. The Living Roadmap is tested using the example of the FZJ. On the one hand, long-term holistic energy supply concepts are being developed; on the other hand, the Living Roadmap is also to be used for system control.