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Advanced evaluation of conducted test person experiments with higher-quality statistical methods


The Institute for Energy Efficient Buildings and Indoor Climate of RWTH Aachen University conducted a large-scale test person study to investigate the thermal comfort in buildings during dynamic operation of heating systems. The subject of the study was to evaluate the influence of dynamic heat transfer, which leads to fluctuating indoor room temperatures, on the comfort of occupants. A total of 320 test persons, 155 of whom were women and 165 men, were interviewed during six different dynamic heating scenarios in a climate chamber. From this study, which has already been completed, a set of more than 81.000 data points exists that will be evaluated with higher-quality statistical methods such as hierarchical linear modelling.

The aim of the new evaluation is to assess the influence of the age and gender of the test persons on the result, to identify significant influencing variables and to evaluate them with various statistical test procedures for ordinal-scaled questionnaires. By differentiating between female and male test persons as well as different age groups it can be determined whether there are significant differences in the result for individual subgroups of the population. In a further step, the question of the preferred temperature of the test persons as well as the acceptance of the dynamic operation of heating systems will be examined. Finally, the detailed analysis will differentiate between ratings for the upper and lower half of the body.



Duration: ~3 years   

Start: 01.02.2018   

End: 2021

Funding body: Heinz Trox Wissenschafts GmbH (www.htx-wissenschaft.de)


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