BIM2Praxis - Integration of methods for the creation of simulation models based on Building Information Modeling into practice

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Dynamic building simulation is becoming increasingly important in predicting the energy consumption of buildings and districts and is therefore also being used more and more in planning for efficient buildings. For example, the Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV) and the Building Energy Act (GEG) allow simulative methods as verification. One challenge is often the significantly greater effort required compared to forecasting energy consumption according to the standard. This higher effort is primarily due to the complex model creation and parameterization.


BIM models of sufficient quality form a good basis for simulation

In the project BIM2SIM: Method development for the creation of simulation models from Building Information Modeling data, methods were developed to make the data models from Building Information Modeling (BIM) directly usable for the creation and parameterization of simulations. One of the relevant findings from the BIM2SIM project is that BIM models with appropriate quality are excellently suited for the creation and parameterization of simulation models, but that the model quality in current planning processes does not yet meet these quality requirements.


From research to practice

In the BIM2Praxis project, the results and findings from BIM2SIM are to be transferred into practice. For this purpose, a real construction project is to serve as a basis, which is to be revised with the methods from BIM2SIM. The methods are to be adapted and extended to the real planning process. The knowledge gained from the real project will then be used to develop a concept for recommendations for action that can actively support the planning process in the future.


Better integration of HVAC into (Open)BIM

​Furthermore, the inclusion of Viessmann as a manufacturing company from the technical building equipment (TGA) and the software company LuArtX IT, which develops BIM products for the HVAC sector, will lay the foundations for better BIM model quality in the TGA sector.

The tool bim2sim developed within the project is published on GitHub.


Project Information and Partners

Duration: 3 years

Start: 12/2021

End: 11/2024

Projekt Partners: E3D - Institute of Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Building, ROM - Rud. Otto Meyer Technik GmbH & Co. KG, Viessmann Climate Solutions SE

Sponsor: Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK);

Funding reference number: 3EN1050A

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