Geo:base: Energetic and ecological optimization of operating and control strategies for complex energy supply systems based on near-surface geothermal energy in commercial and non-residential buildings


The use of near-surface geothermal energy in the heat and cold supply of industrial buildings and processes shall be investigated using the example of two industrial plants. The plants shall be monitored in operation, moreover, the installation and control strategy shall be documented and evaluated. The complex heating and cooling plants consist of several sources and sinks. In addition to the thermal capacity of the ground, short-term storage tanks are also part of the systems.

Besides the two geothermal plants, three other heat and cold supply systems for industrial buildings and processes with short-term heat and cold storage tanks shall be investigated. The capability of the different concepts of the heat and cold storage in complex industrial energy supply systems shall be evaluated in comparison. Operation and control strategies shall be investigated and documented.

The special requirements of the integration of near-surface geothermal storage systems with the inertia concerning the thermal charge and discharge process shall be investigated in detail. Main targets are the analysis and the operational optimization as well as the energetic and economic evaluation of the integration of near surface geothermal systems in the heat and cold supply of industrial buildings and processes. Recommendations for the design, operation and control strategies shall be developed and documented. Therefore, the different storage devices with the main focus on the geothermal storages as well as the heat and cold supply, the buildings and the load side shall be monitored and simulated. The results of the parameter studies of the simulations and of the operation optimization shall be the basis for recommendations for the design, system integration and operation of near surface geothermal storage devices.

EBC is involved in the work packges

  • Analysis and system identification of reference projects
  • Development of a measurement and monitoring concept
  • Building and plant simulation
  • Development of operational strategies for storage management
  • Comparison of the concepts of fast and inert storage systems
  • Derivation of design-, operation- and control-strategies of fast and inert storage systems
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