EnBA-M: Energy Grid Berlin Adlershof - Monitoring and Optimization


The project is connected to the aims of the implementation project „Energienetz Berlin Adlershof“ within which an adaptive system for supply of cooling at the Center for Photonics and Optics in Berlin Adlershof is planned, implemented and put into operation. We focus on the further development, optimization and validation of that system with regard to its flexibility and improved energy efficiency. A scientific monitoring program builds the foundation for this endeavor, which makes it possible to evaluate the implemented measures in a holistic way. Further, it allows the feedback of results to the plant operator through an intelligent energy management system.

The overall aim is to set up an energy efficient, connected and fully automated energy supply system. The project is dedicated to the growing importance of decentralized energy systems to enable sustainable energy supply. The demonstration of a supply system which responds flexibly to intermittent energy sources, as well as to intermittent supply, provides important incentives for future energy supply systems in the context of an increasing share of renewable energy.

In order to evaluate energy efficiency optimizations and in order to publish results for experts and the interested public, smart and fast access to operational data is a crucial prerequisite. This will be guaranteed via the use of cloud-based storage. Scalable application of automated evaluation algorithms will use this storage. EBC will use this platform to evaluate and prepare data in such a way, that results on operational performance can be published.

Within a further work package, the recent control strategy, implemented based on heuristic-planning, will be compared with a so-called mode-based control strategy, which was first-proposed by EBC. Therefore, the recent control strategy will be described in detail. A simulation model of the physical system will be derived and a mode-based control strategy will be developed. The heuristic and the mode-based control strategies will then be compared to each other. The improved control strategy will be implemented in the energy system.

Within a third work package, EBC will conduct a cross-evaluation of achieved results with results from all relevant projects in the EnEff:Stadt/Wärme program. Thereby, future demand for research activities will be identified.

  Copyright: BMWi

We gratefully acknowledge the financial support provided by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi), promotional reference 03ET1549B.