ELuS – Energy saving through air-quality management in school buildings

Cooperation with the Anne-Frank-Gymnasium, Aachen


Duration: 18.5 months
Start: 07/2018
End: 12/2019

Project partners:

  • Anne-Frank-Gymnasium Aachen

Funding body:

  • Robert Bosch Foundation GmbH

In cooperation with the EBC, a group of 10 to 15 pupils from grades 8 to 10 of the Anne-Frank-
Gymnasium in Aachen will deal with specific questions regarding indoor air quality and thermal
comfort. Against the backdrop of current climate protection and energy-saving targets, school
buildings should serve as an example in this regard. In the context of increasing modernization
measures, the demand for thermal comfort and indoor air that is beneficial to the health is not
sufficiently addressed. Concerning the CO2 concentration, an oft-employed indicator for indoor air
quality, classrooms in school buildings are to be considered as critical due to high numbers of users
and at the same time extensive durations of stay.

The pupils will independently research in this area, plan, prepare and perform measurements
regarding air quality and thermal comfort with the research assistants, determine the functional
principles of various sensors for the investigation of room parameters and work out a metrological
methodology that enables the systematic recording of relevant parameters for energy-efficient air
quality management in school buildings. In doing so, they make an important contribution to the
quantification of comfort and energy parameters in schools, by means of which they can uncover
deficits in ventilation management and derive suggestions for improvement.

The resulting questions include the independent programmable data acquisition by means of
microcomputers and the use of an online tool for the analysis of thermal comfort and air quality
through questionnaires. Following the project, the newly developed and well-tried measuring
equipment will be made available to other schools for data collection.

The ELuS project is garefully funded by the Robert Bosch Foundation.

  Robert Bosch Stiftung GmbH