Controller Hardware-in-the-Loop (CHiL)

  Controller Hardware-in-the-Loop (CHiL) Copyright: EBC

The increasing complexity of modern building energy systems is generating new scientific issues concerning the topic of building automation systems. This includes the need for new control strategies and algorithms as well as the hardware and software requirements. In order to answer these questions not only theoretically but also experimentally, the EBC developed a “Controller Hardware in the Loop (CHiL)” test bed.

Due to the linkage of dynamic building simulation models with active controller hardware, it is possible to test and investigate new control algorithms and concepts including its hardware and software components in early development state. It is possible to modify the virtual energy systems in a flexible manner. Optionally, the controller will be integrated as real hardware or as virtual instance. Either ways the single modules communicate over common interfaces and protocols.

Furthermore, the test bed allows the EBC to investigate and evaluate the integration of intelligent information and communication technology (ICT) as for instance the concept of Internet of Things (IoT) or cloud technology into future building energy systems.



Marc Baranski

Team Leader


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