User Behaviour and User Interfaces

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Occupant behaviour has a major influence on the energy consumption of buildings. In order to be able to specifically investigate these effects, individual rooms in the E.ON ERC main building are equipped with additional sensors which record the opening of windows and doors and register the number of people present in the offices. These are used to develop occupant behaviour-based control strategies that enable energy-optimised building operation without restricting the comfort of the occupants.

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An user interface for the building is currently being developed at the E.ON ERC EBC. This is intended to provide building occupants with additional information about the indoor air quality parameters of their office. It will also enable feedback to be entered in the form of temperature preferences or comfort assessments. Furthermore, feedforward can be provided by the building energy system. This feedforward can include feeding back of information to the user, such as the assessment of the impact of user behaviour on the energy consumption of the building, and at the same time provide suggestions for more energy-saving behaviours.


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