Modular Central Air Handling Unit Demonstrator

  Central Air Handling Unit Copyright: © EBC

A modular air handling unit was installed in the test hall for energy-efficient construction to investigate individual components in the context of an entire ventilation and air conditioning systems. The individual components are connected in a modular fashion and can be replaced with relatively little effort.

The system is connected to the district heating and cooling network of the RWTH Campus and can therefore represent various representative load profiles.

  Central Air Handling Unit Copyright: © EBC

The supply and exhaust air of the system are short-circuited via a volume flow controller, which makes it possible to operate the fans at any operating point and thus to investigate the partial load behaviour in particular.

The traditionally installed steam humidifier can be replaced by an spray washer, which is being investigated at the institute with regard to its thermodynamic properties and integration into the air handling unit.



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