Aachen Comfort Cube (ACCU)

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The Aachen Comfort Cube (ACCu) is a highly modular comfort test bench in which different indoor air situations can be reproduced. The comfort cube has a floor area of 2 m x 2 m and a height of 2.5 m. The enclosing surfaces are horizontally segmented, resulting in a total of 16 surface segments that can be individually heated and cooled. The individually controllable surface segments allow thermal asymmetries and vertical temperature gradients of up to 8 K/m to be precisely set. With a variable ventilation system, air exchange rates of up to 60 /h can be realised with an adjustable supply air temperature and humidity. The supply air can be introduced into the comfort cube both in the form of displacement ventilation and in the form of mixed ventilation. In this way, a wide variety of ambient conditions and indoor situations can be reproduced and evaluated by objective measurements and by test persons with regard to thermal comfort and sensation.


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