Acoustic and Air Quality Lab

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In the air quality laboratory (LQL) in the main building of the E.ON Energy Research Center, the odors of different building materials and products can be investigated under specified climatic conditions:
When assessing the intensity of odors, test subjects are first trained to quantify the subjectively perceived odor intensity of differently concentrated acetone-air mixtures using a comparative scale pi (perceived intensity). After passing the training, the test persons can evaluate the odor of different materials or products such as floor coverings, textiles or clothing on three emission test chambers in relation to the comparative scale.
In a different procedure, which can also be carried out with untrained test subjects, previously recorded air samples are evaluated in terms of their acceptability using a scale ranging from "clearly acceptable" to "clearly unacceptable". Both assessment methods comply with DIN ISO 16000-28 and can provide manufacturers and end users with important insights into the odor impact of (building) products on indoor air quality.
In addition to the investigation of odor emissions, the laboratory is also used for the development and calibration of microcontroller-based IoT multisensor systems which, in addition to indoor air quality (IAQ), also record other comfort-relevant parameters regarding thermal comfort, lighting and acoustics, thus enabling an integral assessment of the indoor environmental quality (IEQ).
Finally, the laboratory is equipped with sound-absorbing walls and offers good conditions for measuring and optimizing the acoustic properties of HVAC components.


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