Aircraft Cabin Mock-up

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The scope of investigated indoor environments includes not only buildings but also vehicles, trains and aircrafts. Additional technical constraints such as limited available energy and installation space as well as transient and asymmetric ambient conditions require advanced solutions.

To investigate thermal comfort, indoor air quality and air distribution systems of aircraft cabins, an aircraft cabin mock-up (Aachen Ventilation Mock-up) has been set up at EBC. The mock-up reproduces a section of a commercial aircraft cabin. It is equipped with an airflow measurement system and a very flexible design with regard to the air supply system. Hence, different parts of the cabin, like air diffusers can be changed easily. This enables the investigation and optimization of HVAC components for aircraft cabin applications.

Concerning vehicle HVAC solutions, EBC has experience, measurement technology and test benches to examine and evaluate systems and components. Thermal comfort and energetic aspects can be considered likewise. In order to be able to simulate varying thermal boundary conditions, test setups can be operated in controlled environments such as the HiL test benches.


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