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Kai Droste

Chair of Energy Efficient Buildings and Indoor Climate

Research Assistant


Building: 4122

Room: 02.11

Mathieustr. 30

52074 Aachen


Phone: +49 241 80 49622
Fax Fax: +49 241 80 49769


Fields of activity

In the team Urban Energy Systems, Kai Droste is working on the sustainable heating and cooling supply of tomorrow’s district. His particular focus is on the coupling of simulation models, optimization environments and cloud platforms. In TransUrban.NRW, he assists his team in scaling up automation themes to district dimensions and implementing them in one of the first “Reallabore der Energiewende”.


Kai Droste graduated in 2021 with a master's degree in Energy Engineering, with a major in Renewable Energy Technologies, from RWTH Aachen University. Previously, he worked as an assistant scientist at the Institute for Energy Efficient Buildings and Indoor Climate, where he developed IoT gateways for connecting analog and digital actuators and sensors to the cloud. After completing his bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering at Aachen University of Applied Sciences, with a major in Regenerative Energy Systems, Kai Droste worked for two years as a project engineer in special machinery, where he developed various test benches and constructions.
Since June 2021, he has been employed as a Research Associate for the Urban Energy Systems team, where he is conducting research in the course of TransUrban.NRW.



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