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Fields of activity

Xuchao Ying focuses primarily on the energy optimization of HVAC systems in non-residential buildings. In annual coupled building-HVAC simulations, system variants are developed and analyzed holistically. By applying optimization algorithms, building-HVAC-module-systems are to be demonstrated, which are advantageous both energetically and economically.


Xuchao Ying studied at first Energy and Building Technologies at the Tongji University in China. After his graduation, he pursued a master’s degree of Sustainable Design with a focus on Energy and Resource Friendly Building at the TU Braunschweig. During his studies, he worked in a team for two years on the competition Solar Decathlon China 2018. Since the beginning of 2019, he has worked as a research associate at the Institute of Energy Efficient Buildings and Indoor Climate of the RWTH Aachen University.



Title Author(s)
Simulation-Based Eco-Economic Assessment Of Heat Pump Systems For Refurbishing All-Electric Non-Residential Buildings With Complex Energy Demand Structures
Contribution to a conference proceedings (2021)
Maier, Laura Maria (Corresponding author)
Ying, Xuchao
Finkbeiner, Konstantin
Henn, Sarah
Richarz, Jan
Nürenberg, Markus
Osterhage, Tanja
Müller, Dirk
Speichersysteme in Nichtwohngebäuden: Szenarioanalyse des Nutzungsstroms in Nur-Strom-Nichtwohngebäuden für die Auslegungsoptimierung von thermischen und elektrischen Speichersystemen
Poster (2020)
Richarz, Jan
Henn, Sarah
Ying, Xuchao
Maier, Laura Maria
Osterhage, Tanja
Müller, Dirk