Participation at the 54th Kraftwerktechnischen Kolloquium in Dresden

  Influence of CHP plants and heat pumps on peak powers and energy exchange Copyright: © EBC

This year Joel Schölzel had the opportunity to present at the 54th Kraftwerktechnischen Kolloquium in Dresden parts of the results from the project Nachhaltiger Wärmesektor commissioned by the DVGW. In the third part of the study, we examined the systemic benefits of combined heat and power in electricity-led operation. In particular, we analysed the distribution grid load with increasing electrification and the synergies in the electricity system through the operation of heat pumps and CHP devices. The entire study can be found here:

The other parts of the study examined extent of future availability of climate-friendly gases such as hydrogen will be available in the future and from which sources they can be obtained.