DKV Conference: Young Scientist Award and Presentations

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Nine of EBC people participated in the German Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Conference 2022 from November 16 to 18. The conference took place in the beautiful city of Magdeburg this year and offered interesting sessions and good discussions in the field of refrigeration and heat pump technology. In addition to six research assistants, three students also traveled to Magdeburg and were thus able to gather their first conference experience.

The EBC highlights this year was the awarding of two scientific prizes: Firstly, the DKV Young Scientist Award for special scientific achievements was granted to Christian Vering, who was honored for his outstanding contributions in the field of "Design and evaluation of heat pump systems with natural refrigerants in theory and practice". In addition, Carina Knieps received the DKV Study Award for her bachelor thesis "Development and validation of dynamic, data-driven models for multivariable controllers of refrigeration cycles".

With presentations by

  • Tim Klebig on the topic of "Measurement-based detection of faults in heat pumps",
  • Christian Vering on "Integration of experiments into heat pump system design ",
  • Christoph Höges on the topic "Evaluation of high-temperature heat pumps for the generation of process steam ",
  • Jonas Klingebiel on the topic of "Experimental comparison of defrosting methods ",
  • Felix Stegemerten on the topic "Evaluation and improvement of the control of an air handling unit ",
  • Thomas Storek on the topic "Plant monitoring of heat pumps".

the EBC was able to present the latest research results at the conference. More information about the event can be obtained at this link.

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