Participation at the DKV 2021 in Dresden

  EBC employees at DKV 2021

Within the beautiful city of Dresden, the EBC participated in the Deutsche Kälte-und Klimatagung 2021 from 18 to 19 November.

The conference was officially opened by an exciting keynote from Science-Slammer Martin Buchholz followed by a poignant but motivating Climate-wake-up-call from Reinhold Wurster. Florian Stinner was in the opening of the parallel sessions where he presented his findings about energetic consumption changes during the COVID Pandemic. Later that day Christian Vering and Marwa Maghnie (representing Felix Stegemerten) had a hybrid talk about optimizing the design of heat-pump systems and their control with the help of an online testing environment. Jonas Klingebiel broke the ice on the 2nd day with two talks where in the first he co-presented experimental results for calibrating a de-icing model, and in the second talk he explored the question "when is the optimal time to start the de-icing process?". True to the spirit of science, the presentations were met with both interest and critical questions from the audience.

The conference provided the participants with plentiful networking opportunities such as a dinner evening and touristic excursions to explore the rich history of Dresden.

  DKV 2021 Dinner