Heat Pump Conference in Chicago

  Employees from EBC at HPC 2023 Copyright: © EBC

The 14th International Heat Pump Conference was held in Chicago from May 15 to 18, 2023. Five members of the EBC Refrigerant Cycle team were among the more than 400 participants: Stephan Göbel, Christoph Höges, Jonas Klingebiel, Sebastian Ostlender, and Hannah Romberg presented the latest research results in the field of heat pump technology, advanced control algorithms for refrigeration cycles, fluid selection for high-temperature heat pumps and the environmental assessment of heat pump systems.

Stephan Göbel showed in his presentation "Maximizing operational efficiency of heat pumps with Model Predictive Control: An experimental case study for residential application (805)" how a heat pump can be optimized using model predictive control. Christoph Höges presented on "Decarbonizing Steam Generation with High-Temperature Heat Pumps: Refrigerant Selection and Flowsheet Evaluation (59)". Jonas Klingebiel presented his studies on "Frost Detection with Neural Networks: Determining Necessary Sensors to Predict Optimal Defrost Initiation Time for Air Source Heat Pumps (231)". Sebastian Ostlender gave a presentation entitled "Ecologic Assessment of Heat Pump Systems: Evaluation of the Refrigerant's Impact. Results of a life cycle analysis of heat pumps were presented by Hannah Romberg in her paper "Towards integral assessment of heat pumps and refrigerants using LCA: A case study for the German building stock (311) ".

All stakeholders in the field of heat pump technology were represented at the conference. Thus, the conference provided a good platform for exchange between science, policymakers, and industry. Overall, the EBC participated in exciting presentations and constructive discussions.
The International Heat Pump Conference takes place every three years. The next date is in May 2026 in Vienna (Austria). More information about the event can be found at the following link. www.hpc2023.org