Would you like to make your swimming pool fit for the energy transition?


After a long wait, the pools are finally open again! Whether the outdoor pool in summer or the indoor pool and thermal baths in winter, we can finally enjoy water fun, sports and relaxation in the pool again! The feel-good atmosphere and pleasantly tempered water require a lot of energy. Does this fit in with the current debates about saving resources and energy?

  Project EESchwimm Copyright: © EBC

With the project "Energy Efficiency in Swimming Pools - New and Existing Buildings", we want to make a contribution to ensuring that a varied swimming pool landscape is also available in the future. The goal of the project is the energy-efficient and resource-saving swimming pool of the future. We want to improve swimming pools in planning as well as operation and thus significantly improve the CO2 footprint. To this end, we are working with the Deutsche Gesellschaft für das Badewesen to develop scientifically sound and practical proposals for guidelines and planning aids for efficiency measures, as well as a simulation model for calculating and analyzing energy-efficient solutions. Based on the simulation results and real operating data from practice, we also want to derive recommendations for action to optimize control concepts.

Are you interested in contributing to climate change and making your swimming pool fit for the energy transition? Then you can become part of the project! With a deeper insight into your swimming pool, you can help us and we can help you. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in monitoring your swimming pool or can provide us with operational data. We welcome any participation in our open source solutions that we want to develop for the swimming pool community!