First Day of BauSIM 2014


BauSIM 2014 started monday, September 22nd. The conference is focused on Buildings for Humans.

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After a short introduction by the president of the german IBPSA Affiliation, Professor Christoph van Treeck, Professor Ernst Schmachtenberg, rector of RWTH Aachen University, kicked of the conference with a short welcome address.

Afterwards Professor Müller introduced the conference's topic: "Human centered buildings". He explained that nowadays the scope of buildings simulation has expanded: From a single building we changed to simulate a building within the context of other buildings. Often it is necessary to include the energy supply of these buildings or whole city districts. He also stressed the necessity to keep focused on the users of these buildings. The main task of a building is to create a comfortable living environment für humans. Extensive simulations can help to achieve this as energy efficient as possible.

The first plenary talk was held by Michael Bauer. With the topic "Planing a building's energy demand: Theory and real life performance" or "About the difficulties to create energy-saving buildings", Mr. Bauer gave a short overview about the discrepancies between theoretical calculated energy demand and real life performance of a building. To improve the real life performance he suggested to continuously monitor the creation of a building from the first sketch to the final building. He also suggested to improve the knowledge transfer from planer to the building companies. While the energetically calculations may be quite extensive beforehand, often only small results are communicated, for example the maximum power of a building's energy supply.

The technical sessions of the first day had the topics "Building Performance Simulation: Modeling & Simulation", "Building Physics: Component Modeling" and "Computational Fluid Dynamics & Indoor Air Quality".

This years BauSIM is the biggest conference ever hosted by the german IBPSA affiliation within its ten years of existence. BauSIM 2014 features 71 technical talks, 171 registered participants from fiveteen countries and three plenary talks.


BauSIM, Day 1