Participation at the 2nd ANNEX 87 Meeting

  Group picture

​The 2nd Annex 87 Meeting, held from September 11th to 12th, 2023, in Lausanne, Switzerland, brought together a diverse group of researchers and experts specializing in the field of Personalized Environmental Control Systems (PECS). The meeting had a mix of both online and in-person attendees. The primary discussions during this meeting were around PECS definitions. Participants shared their thoughts and insights on this topic, aiming to establish a common understanding.

Another important focus was a discussion about the current state of research in PECS. The conversation provided valuable insights, highlighting where there is existing knowledge, gaps that need further exploration, and potential areas for future research.

Fatemeh Nabilou and Kai Rewitz were part of the participants attending online. Kai Rewitz led Subtask B during this meeting. He presented the objectives, plan, and timeline for Subtask B, which concentrates on the applications and technologies related to PECS.

The outcomes of this meeting are expected to significantly contribute to advancing PECS.