New publication in Bauphysik


Authors: Schiefelbein, Jan; Javadi, Amir; Diekerhof, Michael; Fuchs, Marcus; Müller, Dirk; Monti, Antonello

Journal: Bauphysik


This article deals with the development of a planning tool for mixed use areas within the project ”En-Eff:Stadt – Bottrop, Welheimer Mark“. The city district Welheimer Mark is a mixed use area within the InnovationCity Ruhr of Bottrop, Germany. The main aim was the energetic optimization of the city district to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Thus, methods for complex city district modeling has been developed and used within Welheimer Mark district. Simulated thermal and electrical demands only showed a difference of 6.4 % related to energy consumption values. While a sufficient method for generation of electrical load profiles of non-residential buildings could not be identified, a method for generation of thermal load profiles shows a good fit between generated and measured loads. An optimization model has been used to identify an optimized energy system distribution. A greenhouse gas emission reduction up to 50 % is possible at cost increase of 6 % to 11 %.