EBC participates in Annex 60 Meeting in Berkeley


Three scientist from E.ON Energy Research Center participated in the Annex 60 Meeting at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory from 15th - 17th September 2014.

  Annex 60 overview Copyright: © IEA Annex 60 Overview

The Institute for Energy Efficient Buildings and Indoor Climate was actively involved in the project 60 "Modelica-based next-generation tools for new and existing buildings and communities" hosted by the International Energy Agency (http://www.iea-annex60.org/). The aim of the project was the development and demonstration of new information technology methods that support a integrated simulation of buildings and urban districts. Based on the modelling language Modelica previous activities were coordinated and new developments were provided as open-source contribution. Among other libraries, the Modelica library for building simulation AixLib (https://github.com/RWTH-EBC/AixLib) was released within the framework of the project. The project was managed by Michael Wetter (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) and Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. hab. Christoph van Treeck (E3D, RWTH Aachen University). The EBC participated in several subtasks. At the meeting from 15th till 17th of september in Berkeley three employees supported actively the latest developments.