Final Report "Adaptive Control" online available


The Final Report "Adaptive Control" can be accessed online via the Technischen Informationsbibliothek (Technical Information Library) of Hannover University.

  Vortex formation at neutral pressure heights of a tilted window Copyright: © EBC Vortex formation at neutral pressure heights of a tilted window

The adaptive Control Project consisted of two independent projects. One part was entiteld "Thermal Comfort and High Indoor Air Quality in Schools by Hybrid Ventilation". In this project a system was developed that combines natural and mechanical ventilation. With this not only thermal comfort of the pupils was increased but also indoor air quality. This can boost the pupils' productivity. This system is especially energy efficient as it can use the natural ventilation if outdoor temperatures allow or the mechanical ventilation with an heat exchanger to avoid unnecessary heat losses. The project was run by Inga Eggers, Peter Matthes, und Dr. Jana Panaskova.

  Picture of a simple Thermostatic Valve Copyright: © EBC Partially opened thermostatic valve

Within the project "Adaptive Control of Heating Systems" a concept was developed to use simple user feedback "too cold, too warm" to automatically create a temperature profile for each room of a flat or a house. If the user is absent, room temperature will be decreased to save energy. But just in time before the user arrives temperature will be increased. This allows to save energy without compromising the user's thermal comfort. The user is also not forced to interact with a programmable system which may be to complex and overwhelm the user. The concept was verified within simulations, lab experiments and a field test. The project was run by Nina Kopmann and Michael Adolph.

The final report can be downloaded from the homepage of the Technische Informationsbibliothek with the promotional number 0327387D.